CineCloud, combining innovative technologies with a totally new approach, will allow cinema exhibitors to reduce purchasing costs, to eciently manage and optimize digital cinema systems, from small theaters to multiplexes. By exploiting Cloud Computing and Data Centers features, CineCloud introduces itself as the only digital server for centralized cinema management which can improve eciency and reliability and increase exibility of your cinema. It is not necessary to place a server close to the projector in the screening booth, but you need only one of it to manage all screens in the theatre. The movie, stored and encrypted on the central server, is processed and the data are streamed over a LAN network in real time to the Integrated Media Block (IMB) which is inserted into Series II cinema projector.
The integrated TMS software, with an user friendly interface, will allow to manage several advanced features: the full manageability of the system by remote introduces the concept of un-attended projection booth and, looking forward, it suggests the idea of a new generation of boothless theatres. In case of component fault, you are in condition to swap it with a new one, just exploiting the “hot swap” technology during the normal function of the other equipment. CineCloud technology will automatically nd the new hardware and reprogram it, so that it can restart working normally. Moreover, the location of the Central Server far from the dirty and hazards of the booth environment contributes signicantly to the high level of reliability the system can guarantee. Using CineCloud you will transfer a movie from one screen to another in less than 10 minutes or in a few seconds using the Dynamic Movies Sheduling.
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