Dolby 3D System

Simple to install, the Dolby® 3D system requires only a few additional components in theatres already equipped with digital projection.
Digital Cinema Projector for 3D System Dolby 3D uses a standard DLP® digital cinema projector, with a Dolby 3D color filter wheel that filters the light path before the image is formed. As a result, the image itself is not altered, which preserves both its color and its quality.
3D System Filter Wheel The rotating color filter wheel assembly easily installs in an existing projector. When the digital cinema server detects 3D content, the color filter wheel can be automated to insert between the lamp and picture element to produce a pristine 3D image. For 2D content, the wheel can be easily automated to retract without the need for a projectionist. This means you can conveniently schedule 2D and 3D content back to back in the same auditorium.
3D System Filter ControllerThe Dolby Filter Controller DFC100 automatically detects 3D content and synchronizes the filter wheel as the content is projected.
3D GlassesDolby 3D glasses are durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. The reusable design lasts for hundreds of uses and includes integrated, passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that can be used for tracking, inventory management, and more.

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