Screen Server (DSS200)

Dolby Screen Server and Integrated Media Block (IMB) Feature Comparison

The Dolby® Screen Server DSS200 is the all-in-one platform for storing and decoding pristine movies and delivering them to your digital projector.With an internal media block certified to meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), the DSS200 offers the highest industry security along with impressive storage, performance, serviceability, and interoperability.
The Dolby® Screen Server DSS200
FeatureDSS220/2K & 4K IMB BundleDSS200
Resolution2K and 4K2K
High-frame-rate playback 48/60 fps, 2K
Works with IMB
Redundant power supply Optional
CRU bayExternal optionBuilt-in standard
GPI/O (CAT914)
Dolby Show Manager software
Miniplex Library mode allows a server to act as a library for up to three screens
Dolby Web Services API
StorageNet 4 TB RAID 5Net 3 TB RAID 5 Upgradable to 6 TB
Dimensions2U × 17.7 in. deep3U × 25.5 in. deep
Weight (chassis/ship)31.5 lb/47.5 lb65 lb/82 lb
Rack railsOptionalIncluded

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