Doremi’s LE100
With such a large number of movie screens now being digital, the potential is greater than ever for alternative content to increase theater attendance. From opera to sport, live band performances to theatrical events, the LE100 is the perfect solution to bring live 2D and 3D alternative content to your audience.
The LE100 is a 1RU video streaming and playback device used in digital cinema satellite distribution applications. The device accepts transport streams via Gigabit Ethernet. The incoming stream can be decompressed in real time for baseband (HDMI® / HD-SDI) playback. The incoming stream can also be recorded to internal storage as a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for future playback. The LE100 plays files up to 50Mbps and has native support for files created with MPEG2, H.264 or VC-1 compression. Using Ethernet or USB, the LE100 can accept just about any alternative content that needs to be displayed. The LE100 offers dual HDMI® as well as dual 3Gbps capable HD-SDI for industry leading quality and flexibility. With these I/O options and support for full resolution 3D, the LE100 can be connected to most 2D or 3D displays, including dual projector setups. The LE100 is controlled via Ethernet and the included web interface provides easy to use device and playlist control. The web GUI can be accessed from any computer on the network or even from a wirelessly connected laptop or tablet. SNMP is also supported for remote monitoring.

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